Office Locations

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We work hard to maintain strong relationships with our customers and we take the same hands-on approach with our suppliers.

We want our customers to have the widest choice when making their selection, with the same assurance of quality throughout.

By working closely with suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to offer bespoke solutions for our customers.

We know that many organisations have particular, often unique requirements and we will make that extra effort to source the right product, while maintaining durability and quality workmanship. We have the facility to strengthen chairs, create tough-top tables and provide specialist products that comply with health and safety and care regulations – fire retardant, stain resistant, waterproof, etc.

Adaptations range from fitting skis to chairs, treating surfaces to make them heat and scratch resistant, to applying anti bacterial and anti fungal solutions.

We have an extensive display at our East Kilbride showroom, which has wheelchair access.

To download a PDF file of our product catalogue, please click here.